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6. Special files

6.1 fpac.hello file

This optional file is in /etc/ax25 and sent first when connecting the fpacnode.

6.2 information file

This file is in /etc/ax25 and sent when the Info command is requested from the main menu.

6.3 fpac.dnic lookup file

This file is in /etc/ax25 and associates a DNIC to a 3 characters country. This country designator will be displayed in some commands (Node for instance) or can be used instead of the DNIC as digipeater when sending a connection.

Only the two first words on each line define an association. The rest of the line is ignored.

Empty lines or lines starting starting with a # character are ignored.

# Example of fpac.dnic file

FRA 2080
ESP 2120

6.4 Help files

Help files are in the directory /etc/ax25/fpac/help. The filename must be the representation of the command and is case dependant.

For instance the helpfile for the Connect command will be Connect.hlp the helpfile for the SYSop command will be SYSop.hlp

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