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1. Introduction.

ROSE protocol is based on X25 and allows fast and efficient packet switching with a very small protocol overhead (only three bytes).

Before configuring and running FPAC, the AX25 and ROSE kernel must have been installed and running.

If you need more information on AX25 and ROSE, read carefully Terry's AX25-HOWTO. Parts of this documentation are taken from this HOWTO.

1.1 Version of FPAC.

This document refers to FPAC version 3.09.

1.2 Where to obtain new versions of this document.

To day this document is only available with FPAC distribution.

1.3 Other related documentation.

There is a lot of related documentation. There are many documents that relate to Linux networking in more general ways and I strongly recommend you also read these as they will assist you in your efforts and provide you with stronger insight into other possible configurations.

They are:

the AX25-HOWTO,


the NET-3-HOWTO,

the Ethernet-HOWTO,


the Firewall-HOWTO

More general Linux information may be found by reference to other Linux HOWTO documents.

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