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3. Installation of FPAC

ROSE kernel must be installed for FPAC to work. If you are running kernels from 2.0.33 to 2.0.35, apply the patch rose0728 to the kernel. If you are running 2.0.36, you don't have anything to do.

ROSE is configured by the rsparms file in /etc/ax25. This file will be created or replaced when running fpad. So ROSE kernel does not need any special configuration. All is done when starting fpad.

3.1 Binaries

Copy the set of applications from fpac/bin to /usr/sbin or /usr/local/bin directory. Add the line /usr/sbin/ or /usr/local/bin/ to the rc file, after the ax25 initialisation.

3.2 Directories

The configuration files are in /etc/ax25 and the tree of the help files is in /etc/ax25/fpac. See section Help files.

The working directory /var/ax25/fpac will be created when running FPAC. The files created at runtime will be put in this directory

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